Barbara Dietz LCSW


I am a therapist who talks.  You will have to talk, too, of course.  But I will not sit silently while the clock ticks.  People come for therapy because they need help with relationships, feelings, experiences, fears or pleasures that they would like to discuss and understand in a private, confidential setting.


Sometimes things have been building up inside a person for years.  Sometimes an issue presents itself or becomes apparent in one’s life unexpectedly, seemingly “out of the blue.”  Inner conflicts can get in the way of personal growth and satisfaction with life.


The struggles within can feel nagging, pressuring, intolerable or mystifying.  The gap between who we are and who we want to be, how we experience others and how they seem to experience us, can feel like an unbridgeable chasm.


These are conditions and circumstances I can help you with.  My professional training and experience have prepared me to listen well to you and help you understand what I hear, so you can use what I say as you choose in your life.  Improved self understanding liberates you to make choices that result in greater self satisfaction.   


Therapy is work we do together.  It requires your courage and perserverance.  It can have outcomes that reverberate positively throughout your life.

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Brooklyn, New York 11231
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